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Symbol Ex Date Entitlement Date Entitlement Subject Dividend Payment Date Indicator Value
YINSON 04-Aug-2021 05-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0200
CTOS 05-Aug-2021 06-Aug-2021 First Interim Dividend 03-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0053
P&O 05-Aug-2021 06-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 25-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0120
BAT 05-Aug-2021 06-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 20-Aug-2021 Currency 0.2400
MYEG 06-Aug-2021 09-Aug-2021 Final Dividend (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) 09-Sep-2021 Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)  0.0170
HAILY 06-Aug-2021 09-Aug-2021 First Interim Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0168
SYSTECH 09-Aug-2021 11-Aug-2021 First and Final Dividend 18-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0020
ZHULIAN 09-Aug-2021 11-Aug-2021 Second Interim Dividend 01-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0300
CRESNDO 12-Aug-2021 13-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0200
KMLOONG 12-Aug-2021 13-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0300
GFM 12-Aug-2021 13-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 27-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0064
KOSSAN 12-Aug-2021 13-Aug-2021 Second Interim Dividend 26-Aug-2021 Currency 0.1200
FAVCO 16-Aug-2021 17-Aug-2021 First and Final Dividend 02-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0800
FIMACOR 16-Aug-2021 17-Aug-2021 Second Interim Dividend 03-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0750
UNISEM 16-Aug-2021 17-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 03-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0200
WPRTS 16-Aug-2021 17-Aug-2021 First Interim Dividend 26-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0850
AMPROP 17-Aug-2021 18-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 27-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0300
BURSA 17-Aug-2021 18-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 27-Aug-2021 Currency 0.2400
CHINTEK 17-Aug-2021 18-Aug-2021 Second Interim Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.0800
CHINTEK 17-Aug-2021 18-Aug-2021 Special Dividend 30-Aug-2021 Currency 0.1100
CMMT 17-Aug-2021 18-Aug-2021 Income Distribution (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) 22-Sep-2021 Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)  0.0086
DPIH 18-Aug-2021 19-Aug-2021 Fourth Interim Dividend 09-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0015
FRONTKN 19-Aug-2021 20-Aug-2021 First Interim Dividend 17-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0150
DIGI 25-Aug-2021 26-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 24-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0360
METROD 26-Aug-2021 27-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 24-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0600
LBS 26-Aug-2021 27-Aug-2021 First and Final Dividend 22-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0145
KFIMA 27-Aug-2021 30-Aug-2021 Special Dividend 17-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0300
KFIMA 27-Aug-2021 30-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 17-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0900
PANTECH 27-Aug-2021 30-Aug-2021 Final Dividend 10-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0100
DUFU 27-Aug-2021 30-Aug-2021 Interim Dividend 24-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0200
TNLOGIS 30-Aug-2021 01-Sep-2021 Final Dividend 22-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0100
SAB 02-Sep-2021 03-Sep-2021 Final Dividend 24-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0500
MAXIS 02-Sep-2021 03-Sep-2021 Second Interim Dividend 30-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0400
PANAMY 08-Sep-2021 09-Sep-2021 Final Dividend 23-Sep-2021 Currency 1.4800
EWEIN 09-Sep-2021 10-Sep-2021 Final Dividend 27-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0350
DOMINAN 09-Sep-2021 10-Sep-2021 Final Dividend 23-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0100
MAHSING 15-Sep-2021 17-Sep-2021 First and Final Dividend 29-Sep-2021 Currency 0.0166
PANTECH 29-Sep-2021 30-Sep-2021 First Interim Dividend 08-Oct-2021 Currency 0.0050
STELLA 05-Oct-2021 06-Oct-2021 Final Dividend 26-Oct-2021 Currency 0.0250
ATAIMS 12-Oct-2021 13-Oct-2021 Final Dividend 28-Oct-2021 Currency 0.0335
APOLLO 14-Dec-2021 15-Dec-2021 Final Dividend 12-Jan-2022 Currency 0.2500