Upcoming Dividends Screener

Last Updated: Thu, 06 Oct 2022 17:25:14

Searching for stocks that are closer to their dividend date.

Symbol Ex Date Entitlement Date Entitlement Subject Dividend Payment Date Indicator Value
TIENWAH 06-Oct-2022 07-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0280
SWIFT 06-Oct-2022 07-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 21-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0100
GASMSIA 06-Oct-2022 07-Oct-2022 First Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0590
MNRB 07-Oct-2022 10-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 31-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0250
MNRB 07-Oct-2022 11-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 31-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0250
NTPM 07-Oct-2022 11-Oct-2022 First Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0080
RHBBANK 07-Oct-2022 11-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend (with Dividend Re-Investment Plan) 07-Nov-2022 Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)  0.1500
SHL 11-Oct-2022 12-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 26-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0900
SAPIND 11-Oct-2022 12-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 08-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0340
ASTRO 11-Oct-2022 12-Oct-2022 Second Interim Dividend 25-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0100
HIGHTEC 12-Oct-2022 13-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0200
AME 12-Oct-2022 13-Oct-2022 Special Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0100
BAUTO 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 First Interim Dividend 04-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0300
YENHER 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0150
VS 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 Fourth Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0040
POHUAT 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 Second Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0200
ATECH 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 26-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0200
DSONIC 13-Oct-2022 14-Oct-2022 First Interim Dividend 28-Oct-2022 Currency 0.0025
AEONCR 14-Oct-2022 17-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 03-Nov-2022 Currency 0.2850
LAYHONG 18-Oct-2022 19-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 16-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0030
EIG 18-Oct-2022 19-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 18-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0050
HEIM 19-Oct-2022 20-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 11-Nov-2022 Currency 0.4000
CHINWEL 21-Oct-2022 25-Oct-2022 Second Interim Dividend 24-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0800
KMLOONG 25-Oct-2022 26-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 15-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0500
CRESNDO 25-Oct-2022 26-Oct-2022 Interim Dividend 15-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0300
STELLA 26-Oct-2022 27-Oct-2022 Final Dividend 24-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0250
MYEG 26-Oct-2022 27-Oct-2022 First Interim Dividend 25-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0025
PTRANS 27-Oct-2022 28-Oct-2022 Third Interim Dividend 15-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0075
REDTONE 31-Oct-2022 01-Nov-2022 Interim Dividend 22-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0180
PCCS 31-Oct-2022 01-Nov-2022 Special Dividend 29-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0600
POHKONG 31-Oct-2022 01-Nov-2022 Interim Dividend 30-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0100
HLBANK 01-Nov-2022 02-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 17-Nov-2022 Currency 0.3700
HLCAP 02-Nov-2022 03-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 18-Nov-2022 Currency 0.1900
SIMEPLT 03-Nov-2022 04-Nov-2022 Interim Dividend 18-Nov-2022 Currency 0.1000
HLFG 04-Nov-2022 07-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 23-Nov-2022 Currency 0.3100
SAB 08-Nov-2022 09-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 28-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0500
PLENITU 09-Nov-2022 10-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 18-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0250
YTL 10-Nov-2022 11-Nov-2022 Interim Dividend 29-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0300
YTLPOWR 10-Nov-2022 11-Nov-2022 Second Interim Dividend 29-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0250
KEINHIN 14-Nov-2022 15-Nov-2022 First and Final Dividend 21-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0150
HPPHB 15-Nov-2022 16-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 30-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0075
OKA 17-Nov-2022 18-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 25-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0230
GADANG 18-Nov-2022 21-Nov-2022 First and Final Dividend 09-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0070
BESHOM 21-Nov-2022 22-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 30-Nov-2022 Currency 0.0500
IOIPG 22-Nov-2022 23-Nov-2022 First and Final Dividend 02-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0400
YINSON 29-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 Interim Dividend 16-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0100
PENSONI 29-Nov-2022 30-Nov-2022 Final Dividend 15-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0125
TMCLIFE 05-Dec-2022 06-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 03-Jan-2023 Currency 0.0027
FIBON 07-Dec-2022 08-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 29-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0085
APOLLO 14-Dec-2022 15-Dec-2022 First and Final Dividend 11-Jan-2023 Currency 0.1500
APOLLO 14-Dec-2022 15-Dec-2022 First Interim Dividend 11-Jan-2023 Currency 0.1000
JAYCORP 15-Dec-2022 16-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 30-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0400
GLOMAC 16-Dec-2022 19-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 29-Dec-2022 Currency 0.0150
SCIPACK 21-Dec-2022 22-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 04-Jan-2023 Currency 0.0250
PTARAS 22-Dec-2022 23-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 09-Jan-2023 Currency 0.0600
SCIENTX 23-Dec-2022 27-Dec-2022 Final Dividend 09-Jan-2023 Currency 0.0500