Upcoming Dividends Screener

Last Updated: Thu, 11 Jul 2024 17:40:03

Searching for stocks that are closer to their dividend date.

Symbol Ex Date Entitlement Date Entitlement Subject Dividend Payment Date Indicator Value
CANONE 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 26-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0400
HEVEA 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 30-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0100
UNIMECH 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 30-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0390
PWRWELL 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 Third Interim Dividend 30-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0100
NATGATE 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 Interim Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0025
PECCA 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 Third Interim Dividend 25-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0150
SAMCHEM 15-Jul-2024 16-Jul-2024 First Interim Dividend 31-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0050
GOPENG 16-Jul-2024 17-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 16-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0100
MENANG 16-Jul-2024 17-Jul-2024 Special Dividend 26-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0600
ACO 16-Jul-2024 17-Jul-2024 First Interim Dividend 29-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0020
SAM 17-Jul-2024 18-Jul-2024 First Interim Dividend 08-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0330
OCB 18-Jul-2024 19-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 31-Jul-2024 Currency 0.0150
CHOOBEE 18-Jul-2024 19-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 02-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0050
FIMACOR 18-Jul-2024 19-Jul-2024 Second Interim Dividend 02-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0750
BAUTO 18-Jul-2024 19-Jul-2024 Special Dividend 02-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0700
BAUTO 18-Jul-2024 19-Jul-2024 Fourth Interim Dividend 02-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0475
HARISON 19-Jul-2024 22-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 19-Aug-2024 Currency 0.5000
LSTEEL 24-Jul-2024 25-Jul-2024 Interim Dividend 08-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0200
EUROSP 24-Jul-2024 25-Jul-2024 Special Dividend 05-Aug-2024 Currency 0.2000
METROD 25-Jul-2024 26-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 23-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0600
TECGUAN 25-Jul-2024 26-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 12-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0400
ATLAN 25-Jul-2024 26-Jul-2024 First Interim Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0100
ASB 26-Jul-2024 29-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 19-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0005
CEB 26-Jul-2024 29-Jul-2024 First Interim Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0067
JKGLAND 26-Jul-2024 29-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0010
SUPERLN 26-Jul-2024 29-Jul-2024 Interim Dividend 26-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0075
UMCCA 29-Jul-2024 30-Jul-2024 Second Interim Dividend 09-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0700
DKLS 30-Jul-2024 31-Jul-2024 First and Final Dividend 16-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0300
SAPIND 30-Jul-2024 31-Jul-2024 Final Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0500
PGF 31-Jul-2024 01-Aug-2024 Final Dividend 15-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0150
KHJB 01-Aug-2024 02-Aug-2024 Final Dividend 19-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0010
KFIMA 01-Aug-2024 02-Aug-2024 Special Dividend 16-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0300
KFIMA 01-Aug-2024 02-Aug-2024 Interim Dividend 16-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0900
PTRANS 05-Aug-2024 06-Aug-2024 Second Interim Dividend 22-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0050
FAVCO 07-Aug-2024 08-Aug-2024 First and Final Dividend 22-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0900
SNS 07-Aug-2024 08-Aug-2024 Interim Dividend 28-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0025
PASDEC 08-Aug-2024 09-Aug-2024 First and Final Dividend 29-Aug-2024 Currency 0.0100
LBS 29-Aug-2024 30-Aug-2024 Final Dividend 12-Sep-2024 Currency 0.0135
PANTECH 29-Aug-2024 30-Aug-2024 Final Dividend 13-Sep-2024 Currency 0.0150
AJI 29-Aug-2024 30-Aug-2024 First and Final Dividend 25-Sep-2024 Currency 0.3840
PANAMY 05-Sep-2024 06-Sep-2024 Final Dividend 20-Sep-2024 Currency 1.2100
DOMINAN 05-Sep-2024 06-Sep-2024 Final Dividend 25-Sep-2024 Currency 0.0100
AYS 19-Sep-2024 20-Sep-2024 Final Dividend 11-Oct-2024 Currency 0.0150