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Bidang Kerja

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Temui pelbagai bidang di iSaham di mana kemahiran unik dan peranan ideal anda boleh berkembang maju. Teroka pelbagai pilihan untuk mencari padanan yang sesuai dengan minat anda.

Peluang di iSaham

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Operation and Support

This team is crucial in ensuring smooth operations and a satisfying customer experience. The operations team is responsible for meticulously monitoring and improving our processes, workflows, and systems to drive efficiency and growth. Additionally, our support team is committed to serving as the primary point of contact for our valued customers, providing quality assistance, handling inquiries, and building strong relationships.

Customer Service Support


In iSaham, our marketing team collaborates closely with talented designers and engineers throughout the product development process. This collaboration strengthens their commitment to realizing our comprehensive product vision. By harnessing diverse talents, our mission is to provide inspiring stock analytic solutions and build strong relationships with our investors.

Product Marketing


Internet Presence

Web Content & UX

AI Engineer

Human Relation

We at iSaham place a strong emphasis on human relations. Our team is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment within our company. They focus on promoting effective communication, resolving conflicts, and supporting employee well-being. By building good relationships and encouraging cooperation, our talented team of marketers, designers, and programmers can work efficiently in realizing our comprehensive product vision.

Staff Relations

Public Relations

Marketing Representative Relations

Education Relations

Human Resources

Human resources are the backbone of our company, carrying out a mission to prioritize the growth and well-being of our most valuable assets - our employees. We attract the best talent, foster inclusivity, and provide flexibility to individuals who want to reach their full potential. This team manages recruitment, performance, engagement, learning, development, and employee relations. We create a great employee experience, supporting growth and compliance with policies and regulations.

Graphic Design

This team plays a crucial role in bringing our brand and product vision to life. By combining artistic skills and technical expertise, our designers collaborate closely with our marketing and programming teams throughout the product development process. Their dedication to realizing our comprehensive product vision is evident in the visuals and illustrations they create.