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IPO Analysis

IPO Statistics & Calculator that can maximize profitability and success.

Balance Calculator

Total Equity Asset Calculator / Trading Limit -> Trust Account Calculator / Balance Calculator / Zakat Calculator.


Support your favorite charity organization here and we will donate to them.

DCF FV Calculator

Calculate fair value @ intrinsic value of a stock using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model

Market Mood

Understand the mood of the current market

Foreign Funds

Presenting foreign funds money flow using line chart

Crude & Brent Oil

Presenting oil price in MYR/g using interactive chart


Presenting gold price in MYR/g using interactive chart

Risk Calculator

Calculate the worst losing value you can hold using 3% rule

Bonus Issue Calculator

Calculate the number of lots after bonus issue to prevent odd lots

iSaham Gann

iSaham Gann Table displays prices that repetitively become support & resistance