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These are the scanners generated by iSaham users.

Name Description Creator
Short Term + MA Bullish + Buying Momentum Screener for short term play with buying momentum Abdul Razaq
FBO 52WH With Volume Kaunter yang baru memecahkan ketinggian 52WH dengan volume yang padu. Usaid Subki
P&V Increase Beta P&V Increase Beta azhakha
Breakout 20 Day with Volume Kaunter yang memecahkan ketinggian 20D dengan volume yang padu. Usaid Subki
Price Cross MA20 & MA50 with Volume Short term uptrend screener. Enjoy! Usaid Subki
Beginner Intraday Worried of buying stocks today then sell tomorrow, this might be your solution. Sayuti D'man
Eryn BTST FIFO Price&VolumeIncrease HHLLMid Kalau sangkut pun insyallah lepas Nasreena Eryn
Reversal Reversal azhakha
LT BOX 1 Range trading between strong S and R. Lookout for BO! Afiq Abd Aziz Azwa
Daily Warrants WL Daily Warrants WL azhakha
Birds of the Bursa 2 This contrarian strategy believes that you should look at the list of the 30 stocks of KLCI, and buy the 10 stocks with the highest dividend yield. These will be stocks that the market has beaten down but that are still paying significant dividends. You may want to take on a bit more risk and buy only the five (5) Birds that have the lowest stock price. These are called the Small Birds of Bursa. When you consider a Birds of the Bursa strategy, it's a safety strategy, not one that will get you azhakha
FIFOIntradayBTST version X FIFO/Intraday/BTST version X azhakha
Glove Remarks Glove Remarks azhakha
High Volume Bearish Reversal High Volume Bearish Reversal azhakha
Upcoming AGM Door Gift Upcoming AGM Door Gift azhakha
Eryn Follow Volume + HHLLMid Eryn Follow Volume + HHLLMid Nasreena Eryn
asb2 asb2 azhakha
Undervalued Large Caps 2 Large cap stocks that are potentially undervalued. azhakha
FTV Enhanced FTV Enhanced azhakha
Value Investing Test Screener Value Investing Test Screener azhakha