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Name Description Creator
Institution Heavy Buy of the day High FCON counters with high volume - indication of large amounts of transactions by institutions azhakha
Institution Heavy Sell of the day High FCON counters with high volume - indication of large amounts of transactions by institutions azhakha
KYY Watchlist Combination of All Time High Profit and Trailing PE < 10 azhakha
Buy Low Downtrend counters with high buying pressure. Indication of bouncing off a support. azhakha
Short Term + MA Bullish + Buying Momentum Screener for short term play with buying momentum Abdul Razaq
5 Yardsticks of Value Investing In one of his presentations given to the public on 16th March 2013, Mr Fong listed his 5 principles in investing. Rather he emphasized that investors should look out for this 5 things before he invest in that stock: 1. Return on equity, ROE, 2. Cash flows 3. PE ratio 4. Dividend yield and 5. Net tangible asset backing per share, NTA azhakha
TV18+Candle4R1G+Price Volume Increase Rebound Mohd Nizam Sudin
BTST+SAT_1+Isaham short term Intraday to week screener Mohd Nizam Sudin
Almost breakout+PV Increase+short term High Potential to breakout supported by high volume Mohd Nizam Sudin
Tangkap Pisau Watchlist Monitoring good counters which has oversold and is near support. azhakha
SAT_sell+candle 4r1g+ichimoku power up Rebound Mohd Nizam Sudin
FATA Shortlist FATA Shortlist azhakha
Trading Mid Term + Stability Screener for stable counter with potential swing trading Abdul Razaq
Short Term + Chart Pattern Bullish + Strong Buying Momentum Combination Chart Pattern Ichimoku-HA & Momentum Abdul Razaq
Lagu 3 kupang Screener for good fundamental with price less than 30 cents Al-Nazirul Al Mubeen
Smart Hidden Money Smart Money Screener + Relative Strength Screener iSahamX
Rebound Counter_2 Mencari rebound counter dari screener Gann square of nine Mohd Nizam Sudin
Rebound Counter Rebound Counter azhakha
Quant Investing Combo Combination of Price Index 6m + Price to Book + Magic Formula Investing + ERP5. Enter at support and exit at Graham Number. azhakha
Ichimoku LTS Saham bertenang di atas awan iSahamX