iSaham Seminar & Coaching

iSaham Seminar & Coaching

Kelas Asas Saham


Opportunity in the Stock Market

Stock Market vs Other Investment Instruments

Trading Platform & Apps

Investor vs Trader

Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

Risk Management - when to buy and when to sell?

Stock Market Participants

Market Outlook and Market Strategy

Technical Analysis Level 1


Candle OHLC

How to detect and find uptrend stocks? (Uptrend/123P/HH-HL/N-Pattern)

Support & Resistance (SBR/RBS, Volumetric, VWAP, Gann)

When to sell / profit-taking / cut-loss?

Money Management Rule

Risk Management

Buying and riding the upper trendline

Filtering stock using - DTL breakout strategy

Finding entry point - RBS

Technical Analysis Level 2


Moving Averages (SMA, EMA, VWMA)

Moving Averages Optimization

Golden Cross / Dead Cross

The Bollinger Band System (Oversold / Squeeze / Breakout / BBMA)

The Oscillators Principles

The Power of Midline Crossover in Oscillators

Bullish / Bearish Divergence?





Ichimoku Kinho Hyo

Heikin Ashi

Technical Analysis Level 3


Trading System

When to sell? (Revisited)

Ichimoku Kinho Hyo

Sector Trend Analysis

Which is more important? Sector Trend or market trend?

How to find fresh and true breakout stocks? (FBO/T+)

The fibonacci system

Chart patterns (H&T pattern, pipe pattern, HH-HL, rounding, ...)

Candlestick+ (The power of hammer combinations)

Buy-today-sell-tomorrow (BTST) strategy

Fundamental Analysis A-Z


Qualitative Company Assessment

Quantitative Key Ratios

Fundamental vs Technical Trend & Breakout

Increasing Profit Golden Rule

Value Investing Ratios Combination

Defensive Investing by Ben Graham

Combining ratios for best fundamental stock score

Intrinsic valuation vs relative valuation

Dividend Growth Modelling

ETF, REITs and Institutional Investing

Analyzing fundamental stock picks

Portfolio Management & Diversification

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Fees iSaham Premium Client (RM) Non Client (RM)
Kelas Asas Saham 35 35
Technical Analysis Level 1 69 69
Technical Analysis Level 2 129 229
Technical Analysis Level 3 179 279
Fundamental Analysis 59 59
Personal Coaching (Per Hour) 69 N/A

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