Bullish Candlestick

Last Updated: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 17:01:01

Bullish candlestick reversal pattern that are commonly thought like Bullish Harami, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Harami Cross, Hammer, Bullish Engulfing etc.

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Candlestick Pattern iSaham Score
VIS 0.92 Bullish Engulfing
GOLDETF 2.82 Bullish Gap Up
TOMEI 1.24 Bullish Gap Up
FRONTKN 3.06 Tweezers Bottom
OCK 0.42 Bullish Hammer Combo
CHGP 0.985 Bullish Hammer
F&N 25.1 Bullish Piercing
VITROX 7.68 Bullish Engulfing
KIPREIT [NS] 0.9 Tweezers S
FIAMMA 0.95 Bullish Hammer
YNHPROP 4.83 Bullish Hammer
TAS [NS] 0.24 Tweezers Bottom
FBMACE 5253.32 Bullish Gap Up
HHHCORP 0.13 Tweezers S
FBMSCAP 15034.19 Bullish Gap Up
ELSOFT 0.595 Bullish Counterattack
SRIDGE [NS] 0.25 Bullish Hammer Combo
FBMMSCAP 18118.07 Bullish Gap Up
FBMMSCS 18384.47 Bullish Gap Up
CANONE [NS] 2.87 Bullish Hammer
T7GLOBAL-WC 0.135 Bullish Gap Up
MMSV 0.615 Bullish Hammer
PTARAS 1.89 Tweezers Bottom
MUHIBAH 0.65 Bullish Hammer
IMASPRO 5.78 Bullish Gap Up
MSM 0.83 Bullish Counterattack
PERTAMA 2.19 Bullish Harami
CHINA100-MYR 1.43 Bullish Gap Up
SENHENG 0.43 Tweezers S
BAHVEST 0.31 Bullish Gap Up
ENGTEX 0.65 Bullish Engulfing
KGB-WB 0.395 Bullish Hammer Combo
POS 0.565 Bullish Hammer
FBMKLCI 1401.81 Bullish Hammer
TECHBND 0.4 Tweezers S
SHCHAN 0.3 Bullish Counterattack
SOLUTN 0.205 Tweezers Bottom
SHANG 3.1 Bullish Hammer
ENCORP 0.25 Bullish Counterattack
MUIIND [NS] 0.07 Tweezers S
PWROOT-WA 0.485 Bullish Hammer Combo
XOX [NS] 0.02 Tweezers S
KHJB 0.215 Tweezers S
SCIENTX-WC 0.605 Bullish Gap Up
MGRC 0.57 Bullish Harami
CLASSITA 0.165 Bullish Hammer
S&FCAP-WC 0.02 Tweezers Bottom