Bullish Candlestick

Last Updated: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:01:01

Bullish candlestick reversal pattern that are commonly thought like Bullish Harami, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Harami Cross, Hammer, Bullish Engulfing etc.

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Candlestick Pattern iSaham Score
PETGAS 16.76 Tweezers Bottom
SCGM 2.58 Tweezers Bottom
BREM [NS] 1.12 Bullish Counterattack
GREATEC 6.87 Bullish Hammer
UWC 5.81 Bullish Counterattack
IMASPRO 2.28 Bullish Hammer Combo
CIMB [NS] 5.16 Bullish Engulfing
PPHB 0.795 Bullish Hammer
UCHITEC 3.09 Tweezers Bottom
BURSA 6.41 Bullish Harami
CNOUHUA [NS] 0.13 Bullish Gap Up
DIGI 4.19 Bullish Engulfing
AWC 0.525 Bullish Hammer Combo
CHOOBEE 1.94 Tweezers Bottom
JAYCORP 1.65 Tweezers Bottom
NCT 0.455 Bullish Hammer
FLEXI 0.33 Bullish Hammer
PLABS [NS] 0.215 Bullish Counterattack
IDMENSN [NS] 0.14 Tweezers Bottom
HLIND 9.0 Bullish Gap Up
LSTEEL 0.615 Tweezers S
ICAP [NS] 2.36 Tweezers S
YSPSAH 1.94 Bullish Harami Cross
RAPID [NS] 9.95 Bullish Engulfing
MRDIY 3.53 Tweezers S
CYPARK 0.85 Tweezers Bottom
ENRA 0.965 Bullish Engulfing
LUXCHEM 0.71 Tweezers Bottom
MSM 1.14 Tweezers Bottom
FIHB 0.59 Bullish Hammer
XL 0.72 Bullish Hammer
KUCHAI [NS] 1.85 Tweezers Bottom
GDB 0.455 Tweezers Bottom
HAPSENG [NS] 7.72 Bullish Engulfing
REX 0.225 Bullish Counterattack
AMBANK [NS] 3.15 Tweezers S
TEXCYCL 0.41 Tweezers Bottom
RAMSSOL [NS] 0.74 Tweezers Bottom
PAOS 0.335 Bullish Hammer
ZHULIAN 1.84 Tweezers Bottom
BESHOM [NS] 1.77 Bullish Hammer
OCK 0.45 Bullish Hammer
IOIPG 1.09 Bullish Harami
SAMAIDEN 1.09 Bullish Gap Up
HEVEA 0.425 Tweezers Bottom
SEACERA 0.19 Bullish Hammer
HENGYUAN 3.73 Bullish Hammer
BJFOOD 1.89 Tweezers Bottom
AHB 0.115 Tweezers S
JETSON 0.275 Bullish Hammer
JFTECH-WA 0.69 Bullish Hammer
GLOTEC 0.56 Tweezers Bottom
PESTECH 1.01 Tweezers S
ARK 0.33 Bullish Hammer
LBALUM 0.42 Bullish Counterattack
ROHAS 0.27 Bullish Counterattack
SEALINK 0.115 Bullish Counterattack
PHB 0.01 Tweezers S
YB 0.425 Bullish Engulfing
IRIS 0.195 Tweezers Bottom
KHJB 0.23 Tweezers S
TSRCAP 0.2 Tweezers S
DNONCE 0.285 Tweezers S
KGB-WB 0.795 Bullish Hammer
SCNWOLF-WA 0.315 Tweezers Bottom
ECOMATE 0.475 Bullish Counterattack
KIMLUN 0.805 Tweezers Bottom
ATAIMS 0.445 Bullish Engulfing
HEKTAR [NS] 0.52 Bullish Hammer Combo
REVENUE-WA 0.735 Bullish Counterattack