Bullish Candlestick

Last Updated: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 10:01:25

Bullish candlestick reversal pattern that are commonly thought like Bullish Harami, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Harami Cross, Hammer, Bullish Engulfing etc.

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Candlestick Pattern iSaham Score
MFCB 3.54 Bullish Gap Up
HEIM [NS] 24.08 Bullish Engulfing
YOCB [NS] 1.12 Bullish Gap Up
SKPRES 1.59 Bullish Hammer Combo
MYTECH [NS] 0.685 Bullish Gap Up
KGB 1.24 Bullish Harami Cross
UCHITEC 3.07 Tweezers S
VIS 0.675 Tweezers Bottom
KIPREIT [NS] 0.925 Tweezers S
GENETEC 2.39 Bullish Hammer Combo
HLFG [NS] 19.34 Tweezers S
SAM 4.2 Bullish Hammer
PCHEM 8.77 Bullish Harami
PANTECH 0.65 Bullish Counterattack
FIAMMA 0.98 Tweezers S
MSC [NS] 2.08 Bullish Engulfing
SCNWOLF 0.69 Bullish Gap Up
CJCEN 0.525 Tweezers Bottom
HWATAI 0.67 Bullish Gap Up
KOSSAN 1.3 Tweezers S
LGMS 0.925 Tweezers Bottom
BSTEAD 0.74 Bullish Hammer
GCB 2.37 Bullish Harami
CYPARK 0.43 Tweezers S
WONG 0.49 Tweezers Bottom
AIRPORT [NS] 6.31 Bullish Hammer
CTOS 1.41 Tweezers Bottom
ANNUM 0.375 Tweezers Bottom
VS 0.985 Tweezers Bottom
GDB 0.3 Tweezers S
FINANCE 16712.84 Bullish Gap Up
TENAGA 8.41 Tweezers Bottom
HONGSENG 0.595 Tweezers Bottom
ESCERAM 0.255 Tweezers S
HENGYUAN 4.16 Bullish Gap Up
ARTRONIQ 0.465 Tweezers Bottom
THPLANT 0.585 Tweezers Bottom
VOLCANO 0.4 Bullish Counterattack
PJBUMI 0.29 Tweezers S
ADVENTA 0.64 Tweezers Bottom
F4GBM 860.91 Bullish Harami
SCNWOLF-WA 0.385 Bullish Gap Up
EPMB 0.93 Bullish Harami
SERBADK 0.095 Tweezers S
FBMKLCI 1499.8 Bullish Harami
FBMT100 10392.32 Bullish Harami
HLT [NS] 0.23 Tweezers Bottom
OPCOM 0.855 Tweezers Bottom
JFTECH-WA [NS] 0.335 Tweezers Bottom
F4GBMS 887.7 Bullish Harami
ECONBHD 0.185 Tweezers S
SNTORIA [NS] 0.135 Tweezers Bottom
TDM 0.23 Tweezers Bottom
WONG-WA 0.13 Tweezers S
TOYOVEN 0.655 Bullish Hammer Combo
BDB 0.28 Bullish Counterattack
SIMEPROP 0.47 Tweezers S
FBMEMAS 10643.12 Bullish Harami
ENERGY 653.59 Bullish Harami
HEALTH CARE 1713.59 Bullish Harami