Bullish Candlestick

Last Updated: Mon, 16 May 2022 17:01:01

Bullish candlestick reversal pattern that are commonly thought like Bullish Harami, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Harami Cross, Hammer, Bullish Engulfing etc.

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Candlestick Pattern iSaham Score
CHINTEK [NS] 8.88 Bullish Engulfing
GASMSIA 2.99 Bullish Gap Up
BJFOOD 4.56 Bullish Gap Up
PMETAL 5.04 Bullish Harami
KOTRA 4.02 Bullish Gap Up
KAWAN 1.79 Tweezers Bottom
RAPID [NS] 11.8 Tweezers Bottom
RCECAP 1.77 Tweezers Bottom
KLCC 6.86 Bullish Hammer Combo
JADEM 0.92 Tweezers Bottom
RUBEREX [NS] 0.72 Bullish Piercing
VITROX 7.11 Bullish Harami
IMASPRO 3.8 Bullish Gap Up
SOP 5.96 Bullish Harami
BPPLAS 1.5 Bullish Piercing
PWROOT 1.59 Tweezers S
PENTA 3.47 Bullish Gap Up
INARI 2.56 Bullish Harami
AFFIN [NS] 2.08 Bullish Harami
SAMCHEM [NS] 0.855 Bullish Hammer Combo
PMBTECH 3.3 Bullish Harami
FPI 3.2 Bullish Engulfing
IOICORP 4.32 Bullish Harami
TIMWELL 0.625 Tweezers Bottom
UTDPLT 14.48 Bullish Harami
INNO 1.83 Bullish Harami
VIS 0.65 Bullish Harami
SAM 3.97 Tweezers Bottom
GENP 8.42 Bullish Harami
ECOWLD 0.785 Bullish Hammer
PRESTAR 0.595 Bullish Hammer Combo
COCOLND 1.13 Tweezers S
HIL 0.935 Bullish Hammer
SYSTECH 0.24 Tweezers Bottom
FRONTKN 2.5 Bullish Harami
REDTONE [NS] 0.415 Tweezers S
DUFU 2.25 Bullish Harami
OFI 0.97 Tweezers Bottom
DELEUM [NS] 0.705 Bullish Harami
SUBUR [NS] 2.0 Bullish Harami
MPHBCAP [NS] 1.49 Bullish Hammer
RHONEMA [NS] 0.725 Bullish Hammer
JHM 1.18 Bullish Harami
BURSA 6.8 Tweezers Bottom
VSTECS 1.14 Tweezers Bottom
VS 0.955 Bullish Harami
OSK [NS] 0.915 Bullish Harami
JAG 0.36 Tweezers Bottom
KEINHIN 1.05 Tweezers Bottom
3A 0.865 Bullish Harami
BPLANT 1.02 Bullish Harami
RGTECH 0.43 Tweezers S
MUDA 2.28 Bullish Piercing
ANCOMNY 3.14 Tweezers Bottom
IFCAMSC 0.3 Tweezers Bottom
LBS 0.47 Tweezers Bottom
FM 0.55 Bullish Hammer Combo
GADANG 0.385 Tweezers S
PA 0.345 Bullish Hammer Combo
PENERGY 0.885 Bullish Harami
ULICORP 1.29 Tweezers Bottom
MESTRON 0.32 Tweezers Bottom
BSTEAD 0.695 Bullish Harami
MAGNI 1.92 Tweezers Bottom
LEONFB 0.685 Bullish Harami
KENANGA [NS] 1.06 Tweezers Bottom
FLBHD [NS] 1.4 Bullish Harami
MI 1.64 Bullish Harami
CSCENIC 0.685 Bullish Harami