Bullish Candlestick

Last Updated: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 17:01:01

Bullish candlestick reversal pattern that are commonly thought like Bullish Harami, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Harami Cross, Hammer, Bullish Engulfing etc.

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Candlestick Pattern iSaham Score
SPRITZER 2.15 Bullish Gap Up
UTDPLT 14.7 Tweezers Bottom
TIMECOM 4.79 Bullish Hammer
APOLLO 3.88 Tweezers Bottom
CCK 0.725 Bullish Gap Up
CHINWEL 1.57 Bullish Gap Up
IOIPG [NS] 1.12 Tweezers Bottom
SAM 5.27 Bullish Harami
CFM [NS] 1.97 Bullish Engulfing
IMASPRO 6.04 Bullish Gap Up
SEM [NS] 1.69 Tweezers Bottom
ICON 0.155 Tweezers S
JHM 0.74 Bullish Harami
DSONIC 0.51 Tweezers Bottom
TEOSENG [NS] 0.795 Bullish Counterattack
SENTRAL [NS] 0.895 Tweezers S
LUSTER [NS] 0.1 Tweezers S
TNLOGIS 0.695 Bullish Gap Up
PARLO [NS] 0.08 Tweezers Bottom
FBMFLG 19124.29 Bullish Gap Up
ABLEGLOB 1.33 Tweezers Bottom
TURIYA 0.165 Tweezers S
AAX 0.445 Tweezers Bottom
ENGTEX-WB 0.205 Bullish Gap Up
PGB 0.135 Bullish Gap Up
TOCEAN 2.03 Tweezers Bottom
SJC 0.565 Bullish Hammer
LUXCHEM 0.545 Tweezers S
BPPLAS 1.28 Tweezers S
YBS 0.61 Tweezers S
SCOMNET-WA 1.1 Bullish Counterattack
ASB [NS] 0.19 Bullish Hammer Combo
BENALEC 0.1 Tweezers S
DNEX 0.57 Tweezers Bottom
REVENUE [NS] 0.655 Tweezers S
CNH 0.07 Tweezers Bottom
BARAKAH 0.035 Tweezers S
SIMEPROP 0.49 Tweezers S
MUIIND [NS] 0.085 Tweezers S
EWINT 0.395 Tweezers S
PMHLDG 0.085 Tweezers S
PERDANA 0.13 Tweezers Bottom
AZRB 0.18 Tweezers Bottom
ECOFIRS-WD 0.115 Bullish Gap Up
LKL 0.36 Tweezers S
TRIVE 0.055 Tweezers S
SUNZEN-WC [NS] 0.055 Tweezers S
CITAGLB-WA 0.07 Tweezers S
CAPITALA-WA 0.18 Tweezers Bottom
ASIAPLY 0.11 Tweezers Bottom
LAMBO [NS] 0.05 Tweezers Bottom
KAB 0.41 Tweezers Bottom
NWP 0.2 Tweezers S
FFB 1.56 Tweezers Bottom
HEXCARE 0.39 Tweezers S
CAREPLS 0.4 Tweezers Bottom
TOYOVEN-WB 0.12 Tweezers Bottom
TRIVE-WC 0.015 Tweezers S
APPASIA-WB 0.03 Tweezers S
MMAG 0.025 Tweezers S