Net Cost Calculator

Calculate the total cost of the shares purchased including all of the fees. This calculator uses Malacca Securities (M+) cash upfront rate (min RM 8 or 0.08%) for all brokerage fee calculation.


Lot Calculator

Calculate the number of lots based on your capital. The calculator uses Malacca Securities (M+) cash upfront rate (min RM 8 or 0.08%) for all brokerage fee calculation.


Trade Calculator

Calculate the expected contract notes based on daily matched order from trading platform.

This calculator is based of Malacca Securities (M+) cash upfront rate and intraday rates.

Stock NameBuy/SellQty(lot)PriceBrokerage FeesContract StampClearing feeNet AmountType

Entitlement Calculator

Calculate the number of shares after corporate entitlements (split share, bonus issue and free warrants).

Upcoming Entitlements

SymbolEx DateEntitlement DateEntitlement SubjectValue
PWF10-Oct-202311-Oct-2023Bonus Issue1:3
PARLO11-Oct-202312-Oct-2023Bonus Issue1:2
DOLPHIN04-Oct-202305-Oct-2023Rights Issue4:3

Example calculation price adjustment before and after bonus issue and split share:

No of sharesPrice per share (RM)Total value of sharesNo of sharesTheoretical ex-price (RM)Total value of shares (RM)

1. Bonus issue of shares

  • X bonus shares for holding of every Y exisiting shares

No of share: 1,500 units
Price per share: RM1.20
Total value of shares: 1,500 x 1.20 = RM 1,800
Ratio: 1:2
Addition shares: 1,500 x 1/2 = 750units
Total share after bonus issue: 1,500 + 750 = 2,250 units
Theoretical ex-price: 1,800 / 2,250 = RM0.80

No of sharesPrice per share(RM)Total value of shares(RM)No of sharesTheoretical ex-price(RM)Total value of shares(RM)

1. Subdivision / consolidation of shares

  • Every Y existing ordinary shares in company held into X shares

No of share: 10,000 units
Price per share: RM 1
Total value of shares: 10,000 x 1 = RM 10,000
Ratio: 18:10
Total share after split share: 10,000 x 18/10 = 18,000 units
Theoretical ex-price: 1.00 X 10/18 = 0.55

No of sharesPrice per share(RM)Total value of shares(RM)No of sharesTheoretical ex-price(RM)Total value of shares(RM)

1. Bonus issue of share with free warrants

  • X bonus shares for holding of every Y exisiting shares, with W warrants for every B bonus shares

No of share: 5,500 units
Price per share: RM 2
Total value of shares: 5,500 x 2 = RM 11,000
Bonus ratio: 1:2
Warrant bonus ratio: 1:2
Addition share: 5,500 x 1/2 = 2,750 units
Total share after bonus issue: 5,500 + 2750 = 8,250 units
Free warrant: 8,250 x 1/2 = 4,125 units
Exercise price = RM 1
Theoretical ex-price: (2.00 X 2) + (1 X 1.00 X 1/2) / 2 + 1 +(1 x 1/2) = 1.29

2. Bonus issue of warrants

  • X bonus warrants for holding of every Y exisiting shares

No shares: 2,500 units
Price per share: RM1.50
Total value of shares: 2,500 x 1.50 = RM 3,750
Ratio: 1:2
Free warrant: 2,500 x 1/2 = 1,250 units
Exercise price: RM0.80
Theoretical ex-price:(1.50 x 2) + (1 x 0.80) / 2+1 = RM 1.27

Dividend Calculator

Enter your number of units currently held on Ex-Date and this calculator will calculate dividend amount you will received on payment date.

Upcoming Dividend

SymbolEx DatePayment DateEntitlement SubjectRM
BLDPLNT02-Oct-202326-Oct-2023First and Final Dividend0.0300
SDRED02-Oct-202313-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.0250
KOTRA02-Oct-202312-Oct-2023Second Interim Dividend0.1550
LBALUM02-Oct-202318-Oct-2023First and Final Dividend0.0250
MFCB02-Oct-202313-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0400
SAB03-Oct-202326-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.0500
ASIAFLE03-Oct-202326-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.0350
L&G04-Oct-202318-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.0060
ECOWLD06-Oct-202319-Oct-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0200
TIENWAH09-Oct-202331-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0280
SHL10-Oct-202325-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.1200
MNRB10-Oct-202331-Oct-2023Final Dividend0.0445
HIGHTEC10-Oct-202323-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0200
TAS11-Oct-202330-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0100
GASMSIA12-Oct-202327-Oct-2023First Interim Dividend0.0572
KSENG12-Oct-202326-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0500
VS12-Oct-202327-Oct-2023Fourth Interim Dividend0.0050
POHUAT12-Oct-202327-Oct-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0200
AEONCR12-Oct-202302-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.2850
PTRB13-Oct-202310-Nov-2023First Interim Dividend0.0065
MCEHLDG13-Oct-202330-Oct-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0300
ATECH13-Oct-202310-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0230
MYEG17-Oct-202317-Nov-2023First Interim Dividend0.0025
APOLLO17-Oct-202303-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.1500
APOLLO17-Oct-202303-Nov-2023First Interim Dividend0.2000
PMCORP17-Oct-202327-Oct-2023Interim Dividend0.0060
LAYHONG18-Oct-202316-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0030
HEIM19-Oct-202310-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.4000
DSS19-Oct-202330-Oct-2023First Interim Dividend0.0075
BAUTO19-Oct-202303-Nov-2023First Interim Dividend0.0500
KAREX20-Oct-202306-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0050
CHINWEL23-Oct-202324-Nov-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0071
KMLOONG25-Oct-202315-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0500
PTRANS26-Oct-202315-Nov-2023Third Interim Dividend0.0075
HLCAP27-Oct-202321-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.1700
GUOCO30-Oct-202315-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0200
PA30-Oct-202316-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0050
HLBANK31-Oct-202322-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.3800
SIMEPLT01-Nov-202317-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0325
MCEMENT01-Nov-202321-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0600
SNS08-Nov-202324-Nov-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0025
YTL09-Nov-202329-Nov-2023Interim Dividend0.0400
YTLPOWR09-Nov-202329-Nov-2023Second Interim Dividend0.0350
PLENITU09-Nov-202322-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0300
KEINHIN14-Nov-202321-Nov-2023First and Final Dividend0.0200
HPPHB15-Nov-202330-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0075
OKA16-Nov-202324-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0110
OKA16-Nov-202324-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0110
BESHOM21-Nov-202330-Nov-2023Final Dividend0.0200
YINSON29-Nov-202315-Dec-2023Interim Dividend0.0200
TMCLIFE05-Dec-202303-Jan-2024Special Dividend0.0041
TMCLIFE05-Dec-202303-Jan-2024Final Dividend0.0041
FIBON07-Dec-202329-Dec-2023Final Dividend0.0125
GLOMAC13-Dec-202322-Dec-2023Final Dividend0.0125
JAYCORP14-Dec-202329-Dec-2023Final Dividend0.0400
PTARAS28-Dec-202317-Jan-2024Final Dividend0.0300
SCIPACK02-Jan-202422-Jan-2024Final Dividend0.0250
SCIENTX02-Jan-202426-Jan-2024Final Dividend0.0500
  • The calculation shown is an estimate, please refer to the actual dividend payment notice.
  • Please read blogs below to understand the cost associated with buy/selling stocks:

IPO Tier Calculator


Enter your capital to get recommended amount to subscribe.

Upcoming Listing

NameListing PriceIPO Closing DateIssuing House
SSF Home Group Berhad0.2527-Sep-2023TIIH
Minox International Group Berhad0.2503-Oct-2023TIIH
Recommended amount to subscribe:

Units to applyTierCost
1001RM 0.00
3002RM 0.00
1,1003RM 0.00
2,1004RM 0.00
3,1005RM 0.00
4,1006RM 0.00
6,1007RM 0.00
11,1008RM 0.00
20,1009RM 0.00
50,10010RM 0.00
100,10011RM 0.00
200,10012RM 0.00
500,10013RM 0.00
1,000,10014RM 0.00
2,000,10015RM 0.00
5,000,10016RM 0.00
10,000,10017RM 0.00

IPO Sell Calculator

Buy Fees:
Buy Price:
Quantity (x100):
Avg. Sell Price:
Sell Fees:
Net Sell Amount:
Profit/Loss %:

Total Current Value Calculator

From Platform

Trading limit can be obtained from My Account -> Account Summary -> Available Trading limit
Total Portfolio Value can be obtained from Portfolio -> Market Value (Bottom)

From Mobile App

Trading limit can be obtained from Account Summary -> Available Trading limit
Total Portfolio Value can be obtained from Portfolio -> Total Portfolio Value

Trust Balance: 0.00

Total Balance: 0.00

Total Profit/ Loss Calculator

Initial Value: 0.00

Current Value: 0.00

Total Profit: 0.00

Total Profit (%): 0.0%

Trading Limit

Terdapat perbezaan antara TRUST dan TRADING LIMIT

TRUST ialah duit kita yg sebenar dalam bentuk cash.

TRADING LIMIT pula ialah jumlah yang diberikan kepada kita untuk trade dalam saham.

Sekiranya kita masukkan RM10,000 dlm trust maka:

  1. Duit dalam TRUST ada RM10,000,tetap ada,tidak berubah pun dari jumlah bank in
  2. TRADING LIMIT pula ialah :
  3. (RM10,000 x 99.5%) - RM40 = RM9,910
    Maka, jumlah yg kita boleh gunakan untuk trade adalah RM9.910, bukan RM10,000.
    Tiap kali masuk duit, pengiraan dia macam ini.
    Duit TRUST cash tidak diganggu, sama sahaja dgn jumlah deposit.
    TRADING LIMIT yang berubah ikut pengiraan.
    TRADING LIMIT dikemaskini setiap masa (selepas anda queue, selepas anda jual saham, selepas anda deposit).
    Baki dalam TRUST pula dikemaskini sekali sahaja setiap hari (selalunya pada malam hari).

Trust -> Trading Limit Calculator*

*Kiraan trading limit ini adalah bagi M+ Cash Upfront account (M+ Silver) sahaja.
Bacaan lanjut: Perkara yang Anda Perlu Tahu Tentang Account Summary