Defensive Investing Screener

Last Updated: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 17:38:43

Defensive Investing based on criteria mentioned in The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. The metrics used to evaluate this screener are:

1. Exclude small companies with low annual sales.

2. Long Term Debt should less than net current assets and total equities.

3. Current Assets should be twice current liabilities.

4. Positive earnings for at least the last five years.

5. Strong dividend record.

6. Earnings should grow at least 33 percent after 10 years.

7. Moderate PE ratio and PTBV

Contributor: iSaham.

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Stock Last Price Graham Number Current Ratio Num of Dividends
TGUAN* 4.92 6.71 3.38 17
BPPLAS 1.4 1.85 4.64 24