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iSaham Premium Client

At iSaham, we believe that professional tools should be accessible to empower small retails.

Join now to become part of iSaham revolutionary stock market community and system.

FREE iSaham Premium Access

Gain access to premium and institutional screeners. These screeners worth more than RM8,000 out there, and you get it all. Stay ahead of other investors and traders!

You will also enjoy more than 50% off seminar & personal coaching. More features are coming for premium client only!

50% OFF Seminar & Personal Coaching

Join our advanced course at a very affordable price! Yes, and you know you have to pay thousands of ringgit for other similar classes out there, without professional tools. You will get 50% off from the non-client price.

How to Become Our Premium Client?

RM0 RM250 / Year
Open a CDS Account with us Pay a membership fee

Terms & Conditions

1. You can choose any option from above. If you choose to open a CDS account with us, you don't need to pay a membership fee and vice versa.

2. For RM0 option, you will only gain premium access once you active at least once every 3 months. Your premium access will be cancelled if you are inactive for more than 3 months. You will regain your premium account once you become active again.

3. The membership fee will be revised quarterly. Please sign up as soon as possible if you don't want to miss the current price. You can also pay for more than 1 year membership to lock the current price.

To join iSaham Premium Client, please contact us through facebook page or telegram:

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