2.89 (-0.69%)

Fundamental   6.1  
Technical   7.2  
Total Score   13.3  

iSaham Fair Value: 1.09
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Last Price 2.89
Trailing PE (Sector Median: 17.4) 20.7
EV/EBITDA (Sector Median: 12.1) 20.4
PEG 4.7
Sharpe Ratio (3-yrs) 1.88
ROE 23.02 %
ROIC 24.34 %
Altman Z 13.5
Current Ratio 3.73
Net Current Asset Value (NCAV) 0.405
Revenue QoQ 15.91 %
Profit QoQ (Possible one-off gain!) 37.29 %
Profit YoY 16.72 %
Operating Profit QoQ 18.62 %
NTAPS QoQ 3.64 %
Profit Margin (Sector Median: 7.9) 45.91 %
Debt-Equity (DE) Ratio 0.27
Dividend Per Share (DPS) 13.0 sen
Dividend Yield (DY) 3.8 %
FCF Yield 5.09 %

Support & Resistancebeta

ATR Trailing Stop: 2.76

Price 2.55 2.7 2.75 2.86 2.89 2.89 2.89 2.91 2.93 2.94 2.97
Volume (M) 9.0 50.3 35.1 21.6 18.9 18.9 8.7 7.5 6.7 3.4

Risk Reward Ratio: -13.84
*Highlighted column shows significant volume at the support or resistance area.

Technical Trend

Moving Average Trend

Volume Trend

Fundamental Trend - UCHITEC

Based on iSaham FCP Method

FCON Ratio: 0.37

Profit Indicator

Revenue Indicator

Fair Value

iSaham Fair Value: 1.09

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)5.0% Growth 1.11
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)4.4% Growth 1.07
Relative Valuation 2.43
Graham Formula 0.99
Graham Number 1.3
Net Tangible Asset MA 0.59

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Market Cap: 1261 M.

Number of Shares: 436 M.

Share Weight: Light.

Uchi Technologies Berhad, an investment holding company, is engaged in original equipment manufacturing and original design manufacturing, specializing in the design, research, development, and manufacture of electronic controller modules. It offers controller modules for precision weighing scale, dynamic sound improvement processor, PCB assembly, timer, printer, computing scales, industrial controllers, microprocessor based application and system integration, and control modules for industrial and consumer electronic products. The company is also involved in the assembly of electrical components onto printed circuit boards and trading of electric module and saturated paper for printed circuit board lamination. Its products are used in auto espresso coffee makers, semi automatic coffee makers, microwave ovens, battery charger for battery packs, auto shut-off steam iron, remote controllers for car stereo, and precision weighing scales. The company was founded in 1981 and is based in Prai, Malaysia.

Code: 7100

Website: http://www.uchi.net/

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Pivot Point

Daily 2.84 2.86 2.89 2.91 2.94
Weekly 2.79 2.84 2.91 2.96 3.03