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Fundamental   4.4  
Technical   3.8  
Total Score   8.2  

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Last Price 0.96
Trailing PE (Sector Median: 15.0) 13.4
EV/EBITDA (Sector Median: 10.1) 4.2
PEG -0.61
Sharpe Ratio (3-yrs) -0.4
ROE 8.93 %
ROIC 7.28 %
Altman Z 2.8
Beaver 0.335
Current Ratio 1.76
Net Current Asset Value (NCAV) 0.185
Revenue QoQ 20.49 %
Profit QoQ (Possible one-off gain!) 222.83 %
Profit YoY 3.72 %
Operating Profit QoQ -202.96 %
NTAPS QoQ 5.48 %
Profit Margin (Sector Median: -0.7) 4.36 %
Debt-Equity (DE) Ratio 0.76
Dividend Per Share (DPS) 3.53 sen
Dividend Yield (DY) 3.68 %
FCF Yield 21.29 %
Net Net Working Capital (NNWC) 0.035

Support & Resistancebeta

ATR Trailing Stop: 0.915

Price 0.925 0.93 0.94 0.955 0.96 0.96 0.96 0.97 0.975 0.98 0.985
Volume (M) 5.2 19.4 10.6 6.2 17.6 17.6 16.4 7.5 8.6 9.4

Risk Reward Ratio: -0.0
*Highlighted column shows significant volume at the support or resistance area.

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Fundamental Trend - DELEUM

Based on iSaham FCON Method
FCON Ratio: 0.58

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Fair Value

iSaham Fair Value: 0.66

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)5.0% Growth 0.47
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)-22.2% Growth 0.135
Relative Valuation 1.07
Graham Formula 0.395
Graham Number 0.995
Net Tangible Asset MA 0.75

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Market Cap: 384 M.

Number of Shares: 400 M.

Share Weight: Moderate.

DELEUM BERHAD, an investment holding company, provides a range of specialized equipment and services to the oil and gas, and general industries. It offers specialized equipment and services, such as sub-sea production development equipment, gas turbine packages, and umbilicals, as well as technical and engineering support services. The company also provides oil filed equipment and services, including wire line and wellhead equipment and related services, offshore drilling rig operations, gas turbine overhaul and maintenance services, supply of gas turbine parts, and other oilfield equipment and technical services, as well as offshore drillings rigs and related services. In addition, it offers oilfield chemicals and other services, which include development and provision of solid deposit removal solutions for enhancement of crude oil production, and specialty chemicals and services. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Code: 5132


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